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xRally is a popular project with more than 300 contributors from more than 70 companies. We are always excited about new members in our team!

Talk to us

If you have any idea or question please join us on Gitter or IRC:

Report a bug

You can report bug on


We welcome new contributors!

Becoming xRally contributor is simple:

  • Join our IRC/Gitter chat
  • Share your idea
  • Get suggestion from core team
  • Code your idea
  • Push to upstream!


Before doing any significant contribution, we highly recommend one to join our IRC or Gitter and share ideas.

Get The Code

git clone

Run the tests locally

Running locally test is super easy:

  1. Install tox, tool that triggers tests and manages venvs pip install tox
  2. Run tox without parameters to trigger all default tests


We highly recommend to run tests locally before submitting patches.

Set Up Gerrit & Accounts

Before you can submit anything, you would have to setup your account and gerrit.

  1. Create launchpad account
  2. Join OpenStack launchpad team
  3. Join OpenStack as individual member
  4. Setup you Gerrit
  5. Setup your repo name git config "should match gerrit name"
  6. Setup your repo email git config "should match gerrit email"
  7. Install git-review to push the code pip install git-review
  8. Check that it works properly git review -s

Standard Workflow

Work on new patch:

  1. Create a branch for code change: git checkout -b <br-name>
  2. Do the code
  3. Run tests tox
  4. Commit changes git commit -a
  5. Send to review git review -R

Addressing code reviews:

  1. Fix the code
  2. Amend changes git commit -a --amend
  3. Send to review git review -R