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Why xRally?

xRally enables continuous monitoring of complex applications using synthetic workloads to measure service performance and detect issues based on code check-ins, configuration changes and operational interruptions.

Are you tired from

  • having different testing tools for functional, concurrency, load, performance, scale?
  • not being able to reuse functional tests for active monitoring?
  • unit test based frameworks that can test only simple "Hello world" apps?
  • copy and pasting test cases over and over again?

Then xRally is perfect for you!

xRally is based on the OpenStack Rally project that is used today by hundreds of companies for testing and monitoring services and applications. xRally extends Rally to support any cloud compute environment, including Kubernetes and public clouds such as AWS.

xRally automates the testing cycle by incorporating synthetic workload testing into the continuous integration process. The xRally framework includes built-in plugins for hundreds of cloud services and composition of workloads using YAML. This makes it easy for developers and operations staff to create highly reusable plugins for testing, R&D and monitoring.

xRally framework overview

The xRally Tool is built on top of an automated testing framework that allows code-free testing, by providing:

  • Command Line Interface & Python binding
  • Persistent storage for configuration environments and test results
  • Simple reporting using HTML & JSON
  • Data export to simplify integration with other monitoring such as New Relic and reporting systems such as Elasticsearch
  • Plugin ecosystem & auto discovery of cloud services